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This is probably one of the new trends over the net these days – to do everything on-line like shopping goods and items. As we don’t want to be left behind especially to our fast-growing number of customers, we have decided to also launch an on-line shop for our valued customers and future customers who are interested in our product.

We value our customers and we are very much eager to deliver a good quality product and services to you all. For those who haven’t tried our products, he best selling is the Mao Berry juice, which we highly recommend you to shop on line with us.

The Mao Berry or sometimes named as the Chinese Laurel, Currant Tree or Salamander tree is probably one of the most beneficial fruits in the world. It is said that this tree can usually be found in Southeast Asia such as in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. 

Some may never be familiar with this fruit since it’s rarely seen in markets unlike apples and oranges but its benefits are clearly seen in studies and researches all over the world. Some of it’s nutritional values are Calcium & Iron, Vitamins B, C, and E, 18 Amino Acids and Anti-oxidants as also been written in our wall featuring our very own Mao Berry Juice.

We are very proud to say that we are offering good quality Mao Berry juice extracted from fresh Mao Berries with no chemical added. We selected this fruit among others not just to be different but to show its benefits and most importantly to be able to provide a product that helps people improve or maintain good health thru the natural benefits that this fruit possesses.

This fruit is helpful to people with Anaemia (low red-blood cells) especially children. It is a ready to drink fruit juice with no preservatives and no artificial colours added so our customers can be sure that we are providing them a fresh and healthy drink.

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