Now the bestseller at Eathai, Central Embassy!

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Shining like a diamond in a treasure box is this newly opened multi-billion shopping mall in Bangkok, the Central Embassy, where life is being feather-bedded with voguish fashion, unique lifestyle and exceptional setting of Thai meets the world.

Inside this luxury mall is a food market called Eathai, where you can enjoy several types of food from the ordinary to the most exotic one, pampering your needs of a more unique and sumptuous dining experience.

Along with the trending topic in Thailand right now, by which I mean the grand opening of this superb shopping mall, is an overflowing thanks to all who have been shopping and buying our very own Mao berry juice at Eathai, Central Embassy shopping mall. Mao berry juice was just stated to be the bestseller in the said food market among hundreds of other juice brands.

The health benefits that the Mao berry juice gives are not just the pride of this brand but also its attractive package and real fresh taste that will surely be loved by anyone at any age in the family. So continue shopping and thank you for making Mao berry juice the bestseller in Eathai, Central Embassy! See you there!

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